Guard Tour System

Guard Tour System the difference between G&A Security and other security companies.

G&A security offer unique software and equipment that other security fail to provide or come anywhere near, Managing Director Jay Graham wanted to prove to all of his clients why his company was the best provider of security guards and to demonstrate to potential future clients after a long period of time and research he discovered and tailored a unique guard tour system that gives you the client access to everything the security control can see, after all what do we have to hide if we are doing the best job possible?

The system allows security guards to be protected through lone worker protection software (LLP) thus giving the client assurance that the security guard is still on site however this still was not good enough for Jay Graham as he wanted to physical show clients that the security guards where on site and carrying out regular  check instead of giving his word which all that other security companies do. The next step was to give the clients full access to online portals which gave the security guards global positioning and whereabouts along with history of movements truth this then was developed again even further by adding custom question tags and options to the specific locations on the site such as is this gate locked how many cars are parked in the area anything that the custom requested and all available for the client to view online through their online patrol.

Can your security company do this ? do they guarantee their service like G&A Security ?