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Are you looking for a dependable security company in Newcastle Upon Tyne?

G&A Security currently deliver a diverse variety of security services across Newcastle Upon Tyne to several different sectors, covering housing providers, logistics, pharmacies and warden services.


G&A Security play an active role in the security sector across Newcastle, providing high quality SIA Licenced personnel across the region.


G&A Security have been recognised recently in 2019 for their efforts in supporting the community, because of this G&A Security has achieved Gold status, being the first security company in England to do so since commencing the award process in 2014.


G&A Security started delivering high quality services in 2013 across Newcastle and the North East.

Do you know G&A Security offer more than just security?

G&A Security have a diverse team offering a combined level of security services. G&A Security ensure they upskill their staff by undertaking regular training both as a mandatory requirement and service level specific requirement – so why not take up the opportunity to combine certain requirements of the security role?

Did you know that several security services are an amalgamation of others, so for example, if you are looking for an internal patrol service, did you know that you could ask the patrol service to also undertake other tasks whilst conducting the patrol similar to a void property inspection, under the same charge rate?

If you have a property that requires a patrol due to the risk of anti-social behaviour, you could task your visual fire check to be completed by the SIA Licenced, fully trained and competent security personnel at the same time! Not only does this save you time, but it also ensures your HSE compliance and training budget to ensure you have a competent person to complete the requirements. It doesn’t end there, you will also receive an immediate report, live at the time of completion to show any interventions that may be required of you too.

G&A Security follow several British Standards to ensure the delivery of security services remain in line with current laws, at all times. G&A Security have a strong management structure in place to ensure excellent customer service.

Take up the opportunity of our diverse team to set up your security requirements.

If this sounds too good to be true, well let me assure you that it isn’t – call today to start discussing your service needs!


What standards do G&A Security follow?

G&A Security recognise the importance of setting and following a high level of standards and because of this have been awarded accreditations, which assure clients that everything G&A Security are doing, is for the best of their staff and services.

G&A Security operate a strict framework against relevant legislation and ensure the services delivered are to the highest standard. How confident are you that your business in Newcastle Upon Tyne is safe?

G&A Security offer a bespoke security solution with pioneering technology and real time intelligence to keep you are your business safe. So why not take up this opportunity and call G&A Security today.

G&A Security monitor all their activity through a unique system which can identify a Security Guard’s location to an accuracy of 3 feet. This not only assists the clients in ensuring the validity of the service, it also protects the Security Guard should they be lone working. Having this ability ensures G&A Security can check the route taken by the Security Guard when completing their duties on shift, the system send reports back to the Central Monitoring Facility based out of Head Office in Darlington where our dedicated Central Monitoring Facility Operatives monitor the progress of the Security Guard during their shift. Where interventions are required, the Central Monitoring Facility Operatives will identify this and take appropriate action to support the Security Guard on shift, alongside monitoring their welfare should the need arise.

Clients are assured that G&A Security will manage every part of the contract and service delivery in line with current legislation.

Pioneering technology, don’t think you can’t afford it?

G&A Security offer services with pioneering technology across Newcastle Upon Tyne.

When you start talking about artificial intelligence, everyone thinks it is outside of their budget. G&A Security offer security solutions to meet all ranges of budgets, and this does not mean you miss out on the latest technology.

CCTV has been in use since 1949, with artificial intelligence first being used for CCTV in 2000. Did you know that artificial intelligence can be traced back to 1943! This technology has been around for over 70 years, improving each time over the decades!

Have you found yourself being alerted in the night from your CCTV which shows an animal triggering the perimeter of your site? Did you know your camera could check the validity of the breach and not alert you unless it is a genuine threat – with G&A Security’s leading CCTV this could happen at a competitive price. Our CCTV has leading technology with artificial intelligence allowing the camera to learn its environment. The camera will be triggered but the computer will tell it not to send an alert because it is an animal however it will still store the trigger in its system to review.

G&A Security offer a variety of cost-effective solutions to their security services, with the option to lease or purchase equipment depending on your requirements.

Why not use the technology to your advantage, and still remain in your budget? If your CCTV system is outdated, why not upgrade to the latest technology. Call now!

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G&A Security are your one stop security service provider

G&A Security do not outsource any part of their control room. G&A Security operate a control room within their Head Office, based in Darlington just outside of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

G&A Security’s Central Monitoring Facility does just that, it monitors the operational tasking of the company and serves as a central space to both monitoring and control the activity of the systems and front-line security personnel.

G&A Security’s Central Monitoring Facility is the heart of the company, bringing together lone working monitoring, task monitoring, fire control, access control and CCTV all in one room.

G&A Security’s Central Monitoring Facility is vital for the operational requirements of the company and the clients they protect.

G&A Security efficiently and effectively monitor multiple pieces of information streams and make accurate critical decisions to support both the front-line staff and the clients they protect.

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