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Construction Site Security

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Construction Site Security that’s taken seriously.

Here at G&A Security, we understand that each development and site are very unique and not like another which means that the Construction Site Security requirements are different for each Development.

For this reason, G&A Security offers a wide range of security solutions that are fit for the construction industry.  Any of G&A Security’s service can be tailored and changed to each client and development, this may include a mix of services such as CCTV and Mobile Patrols that has been a cost-effective approach for many of G&A’s clients.

Outstanding security for your building site.

Building and construction sites tend to be magnets for thefts and trespassing due to the high value of equipment and materials often kept on them.  Our construction site security service controls access to your site, whilst ensuring high visibility to deter unwanted visitors.

Ensuring your construction site has the correct security measures implemented is of utmost importance to ensure your machinery and materials are kept safe at all times, especially when hazardous materials, unstable structures and exposed wiring may be present.

Before we begin to undertake any work on your site, our management team come out to conduct a full risk assessment, this also helps us determine the best approach to secure your site and raise any areas which are vulnerable to break-ins.  Once we have this information we will be able to provide you with our recommendation on the best approach, service and equipment to utilise to ensure your site is secure at all times.


Construction site security

Benefits of using G&A Security's Construction Site Security Service

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