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Manned Guarding North East England.

G&A Security offers a professional and effective Manned Guarding Services throughout the North East, including Darlington, Durham, Sunderland & the sounding areas. The Manned Guarding Service encompasses all our expertise, which our team has gained over their years working within the security sector. G&A Security applies all the latest technology to provide clients with reassurance and our unique guarantee. G&A Security takes pride in ensuring all our guards maintain a high level of professionalism, with emphasis placed on their visual appearance. G&A Security recognises the power of a dress code and due to this, all staff are issued G&A Security uniform and equipment which is worn during all times of service delivery.  G&A Security understand that our staff are at the forefront of your business, and because of this we will always tailor uniform and requirements to compliment your image

Manned Guarding Security for all Sectors

Manned Security staff are trained and experienced to work in a variety of sectors and industry’s including construction site security, corporate, industrial, logistics, public sector, retail to name a few. All Manned Security Services are tailored to meet the unique demands of the facility. G&A Security recognise the diversity of our clients and their security needs. All G&A Security’s staff are multi-skilled, meaning they can manage extra duties and not just a security focused role. An example of such would be Concierge Services; the security guard will manage visitors, guests, post and other administrative duties. G&A Security customers benefit from taking use of the Security Guard’s skillset to manage their site(s) whilst still maintaining a security focus. An example of success is a Security Guard based in a gate house, safely managing the administration and security of both deliveries and visitors. When purchasing security services, you can be assured that all staff are trustworthy and honest. G&A Security ensure all security staff are vetted to British Standard 7858 which certifies the appropriate security personnel are employed. As well as vetting all staff, G&A Security continue to upskill, develop and provide extra support to all security personnel to make sure services are delivered to the highest standard. Regardless of your sector, G&A Security have the experience and staff to ensure your business is safe. G&A Security project a corporate image that your company deserves. For a Manned Security Service that goes beyond expectation get in touch with G&A Security today for a free quote and security survey.

Manned Guarding North East England.

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G&A Securitys Systems

G&A Security offer a unique guarantee that no other security company does. G&A Security will not charge for any service where evidence is not provided of the service being carried out per the service specification.

G&A Security are able to guarantee their services through a self-developed system, G&A Security are able to monitor the activity and location of their Security Guards throughout their shifts. G&A Security monitor this through their Central Monitoring Facility, based in their Head Office, Darlington.

Their Central Monitoring Facility Operatives monitor all Guards through the unique system, with the ability to locate Guards to an accuracy of less than 3 feet. Not only does this support the service delivery it also assists in G&A Security’s lone working procedures, supervising the welfare of all lone working staff. Having this accuracy ensure emergency services can attend to the location without delay.

Our Operatives can monitor the Security Guard’s during completion of their duties, with activity reports being returned by the system at set periods relevant to each set task. Where a task falls overdue or late, our Central Monitoring Facility Operatives will intercept the service by making contact with the Security Guard to support the completion of the task or duty.

The information collected by the system is then monitored by our Management team to ensure service delivery is maintained as per the company’s and customers standards. G&A Security also promote customers to access this information freely without the need to contact the Contract Manager within G&A Security by accessing the operational reports through their own unique portal, set up at time of service level agreement.


Manned Guarding Services North East

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Benefits of using G&A Security's Manned Guarding Services Service


Why Use G&A Security

When procuring a Manned Guarding Services Company, it is important to see evidence of the company having the systems in place to ensure the clients expectations and performance requirements are met. G&A Security have in place a Quality Management System (QMS) approved and audited by Worldwide Assurance (WQA). G&A Security’s QMS meets the international standard ISO 9001. By meeting this British Standard, G&A Security ensure we have procedures to compliment out systems and improve out services. G&A Security Management monitor monthly KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) against operational items. This allows the team to make smart business decisions about the direction of current projects and whether any changes should or can be made to improve the service delivery and/or staff performance. G&A Security are particularly proud to be the first Manned Guarding Security Company in the UK to have achieved Gold recognition for their contribution to the Armed Forces Community. G&A Security’s work force is made up of 70% ex-service personnel, who have served in the Tri-Services. By employing ex-service personnel, G&A Security recognised that many skills are transferable such as discipline, commitment and work ethic however at times overlooked during the interview process. G&A Security signed into the Armed Forces covenant in 2016 and achieved silver the following year. G&A Security soon received Gold in 2019 following a dedicated move in their efforts to work with other organisations to achieve the overall aim of the Defence Employers Recognition Scheme for the Armed Forces Community. If you require a security service that has the systems in place, like no others, with a dedication to employing only the highest standard of personnel, then request a quote from G&A Security today.

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