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What do Security Companies in Middlesbrough offer?

G&A Security are a leading security company in Middlesbrough, hiring G&A Security will help a great deal in providing a safe environment for both your employees and clients.  It also offers a solution to the prevention of crime and ensures that all of your assets are secured. Apart from the benefits already mentioned, our security company has a range of other services to offer your business.

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G&A Security is the first of all security guard companies in Middlesbrough to offer unique software called Guard Tour System.  This high-quality guard tracking system is what makes us stand out from other security companies in the area as it allows our client’s full access to everything that the security control centre can see.

The system also offers real-time evidence that the security guard hire in your Middlesbrough property is consistently and properly performing their duty.  With the Guard Tour System, you’re assured that our security guards operate to the highest standards and do their best to keep you and your property safe.

As a client, you’ll also have full access to online portals, which allow you to view the exact position of your security personnel and track their movements.

Our system will allow you to create custom question tags associated with specific locations of the site.  For instance, you can ask questions like “How many cars are parked in the area?” or “Is the gate locked?”  These questions can serve as a checklist for the assigned guard, and you can view all of them through the designated portal.

To further help your business, we at G&A Security offer a convenient Key Holding and Alarm Response service.  As the name suggests, these particular services include Key Holding, as well as offering a prompt security alarm response assistance.

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Our Middlesbrough security company only employes trustworthy security operatives who can keep all of your passcodes and important keys in one place, giving you peace of mind that access to your property is in safe hands.  Our Key Holding service is compliant with BS 7984, which assures our clients that the correct procedures will be performed at all times.

Our Key Holding service is convenient for any business that needs to open their premises to customers and close them again after working hours.  This can be extremely helpful if you have an early opening time, or if you are running events that will go on until late in the evening.

What’s more, our security guard will carry out a complete assessment of your site before opening hours, checking fire exits and so on, to provide you with a thorough report through our system.  After closing hours, we assign a security guard to close and lock down your property and ensure all the lights and equipment are turned off so that they don’t consume electricity overnight.

Our Key Holding solutions can be carried out on a daily basis, taking the burden of opening and closing your business off your shoulders.  It can also be a one-off service, when for instance you have planned or unplanned business at another location.

Alongside our Key Holding service, we also offer an Alarm Response service.  If the alarm goes off on your premises at any time, even in the middle of the night, G&A Security will dispatch security guards on deterrent mobile patrols in the area and using your keys and passcodes, we will access your property and investigate what’s happening.

If you are interested in hiring a security company or looking for other services such as event security in Middlesbrough, give us a call on 01325 464340 or email us at

Businesses That Need Security Guards

These are examples of some business types that need security services in Middlesbrough to protect not only their products and services but their staff as well.

Retail establishments: Groceries and stores are prone to robberies, so security guards should always be present.

Hospitals: Emotions can run high in hospital settings, and security guards should be present to diffuse situations so healthcare personnel can focus on treating patients.

Residential communities: Crimes such as burglary and trespassing are not uncommon in residential areas, so if you are concerned about the safety of your locale, why not get in touch with security firms in Middlesbrough?

10 Years Of Private Security Guards in the UK

At present, there are now twice as many private security guards in the UK as there were a couple of decades ago. Jails have been privatised, and police forces are also enlisting help from the outside.

25 years ago, security only meant little more than a night watchman dozing in an office. Now, it means CCTV cameras in city streets, mobile patrols in Middlesbrough shopping centres, and private firms taking over areas of responsibility once covered by the police and other public agencies.

Residents Paying For Private Security For Safety

To counter crime, many homeowners have chosen to pay a safety officer agency for a guard to patrol their road.

For example, around 140 residents on Warwick Rd in the affluent West Midlands town of Sutton Coldfield are clubbing together to pay for a team of guards to carry out surveillance patrols three times a week.

The residents connected with the firm via WhatsApp after noticing a spike in burglaries and car break-ins, and 69 families joined forces to fund an additional security officer.

For security guards in Middlesbroughs and mobile patrol units that you can trust, don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss your specific requirements right away!


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  • Berwick Hills
  • Brambles Farm
  • Brookfield
  • Coulby Newham
  • Easterside
  • Grove Hill
  • Hambleton Hill
  • Hemlington
  • Linthorpe
  • Marton
  • Marton Grove
  • Newport
  • North Ormesby
  • Nunthorpe
  • Palliester
  • Park End
  • Thorntree
  • Whinney Banks


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  • Stainton
  • Eston
  • Newby
  • Thornaby-on-Tees
  • Thornton
  • South Bank
  • Billingham


A top-class security company has officers who are always alert and aware of their surroundings.  Also, they will always be on the lookout for situations that could affect the safety of the people and places they’re protecting.  These personnel must undergo frequent, on-going training to improve their skills and alertness.

The different types of companies for security officers are classified into:

  • Personal Protection
  • Technical Security Services
  • Event Management Security Services
  • Fire Watch Services; and
  • Mobile Patrol Security Services, among others.

You can get in touch with us at your convenience to get a quote for any of our wide variety of services.

Some of the main tasks of a security officer from a trusted security agency or building security company include:

  • Securing premises and personnel by patrolling the property
  • monitoring of surveillance equipment
  • performing rounds of inspections on buildings, equipment, and access points that permit entry.
  • environment maintenance by reporting and setting building alarms and equipment controls.

To ensure that you’re getting good value from security companies in Middlesbrough, you can do the following:

  • Review security systems for security guards
  • Asses the training that they’re provided with
  • Verify your guards qualifications
  • Perform frequent inspections to improve your security
  • Arrange a regular meeting with your contractor, and
  • make it a point to choose a quality agency of security patrols

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