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Vacant Property Security Services

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Vacant Property Security Services

On many occasions when properties become empty or vacant, they are often a target for thieves or unwanted visitors which in result can cause unwanted bills to fix any damage that may have occurred.  G&A Security have Void Vacant Property Security Services and a cost-effective solution for all types of vacant properties and buildings.

G&A Security's reliable alarm-installation services

Temporary Monitored Alarms

G&A Security has its very own engineers and monitoring station that can install a temporary alarm system that has the option for CCTV images and is monitored by our own in-house control team. The temporary alarm can be installed quickly with no wires and no fuss, the system even gives the option to place sensors and cameras internally and externally.

When the alarm system is triggered G&A Security’s monitoring station receives footage and images of the intruder(s) on-site where they will then dispatch one of our response supervisors who will investigate the activation.

The system can be rented for a low weekly cost that includes all engineer visits. To find out how the system works watch the promotional video below and see how the system will benefit your business.


Property Inspections

When a property becomes empty its often the case that the building can fall into disrepair due to checks and inspections not taking place.  G&A Security offers a Property Inspection Service that inspects all details of the building including health and safety issues.  If the building is found to have any issues or damage G&A Security can take care of any repairs from electrical to boarding-up which will result in the building becoming safe and secure.

When your property or facility requires inspections its important that you gain trust and confidence that your property is having effective checks carried out.  This is why G&A Security’s supervisors complete a detailed report so the client can see exactly what has been done.

All work that has been carried out including initial inspections will have a detailed report that is sent directly when the issues are found or repair work has taken place.

Void Poprerity Inspection Security

Benefits of using G&A Security's Vacant Property Security Services Service


G&A Security understands that each customer has unique specifications and requirements, this is why G&A Security has a range of services that can be tailored to surpass expectations of the customer.

Whatever the requirement of Void Property Security Services G&A Security has the solution required to secure your premises.

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